Private Tutors

  The Q Center keeps the following short list of private tutors in Math, Physics Chemistry & Statistics.  Students may also contact the individual departments.

Disclaimer This list of private tutors is maintained by the Q Center in cooperation with other units at UConn as a service for students. We make no recommendations, nor do we screen private tutors in any way. Neither the Q Center nor the University accepts responsibility for any problems that might arise between private tutors and their students.

Please let us know of any necessary updates by sending an e-mail to


Paula Larson

  • Courses:  Math courses up to and including Multivariable Calculus (Calc 3), Statistics 1000 & 1100, and Physics 1201.
  • Experience:  Private tutor for 15 years, tutor at The Hyde School for two years.
  • Phone:  (860) 859-7286
  • Rate: Contact for rates.
  • Availability:  Currently accepting students.  Flexible schedule.  Also available for online tutoring.


    JJ Intano

    •       Courses:  Chemistry – All general and organic courses.
    •       Experience:  Former faculty member from the University of the Philippines for 3.5 years teaching general and organic chemistry courses.  Private chemistry tutor at UConn for 3 years.
    •       Email:
    •       Phone:  (860) 593-6254
    •       Rate:  Varies, contact for rates.
    •       Availability:  Currently accepting students.


     Maria Gageonea

    •     Courses: High school and 1000 college level classes ( Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus).
    •     Experience: Worked as a teacher for all above-mentioned courses for UConn Math Department for many years; Current Adjunct Instructor; private tutor for three years.
    •     Email:
    •     Rate: $25 per hr.
    •    Availability: Currently accepting students.


      Rasika Dahanayake

      •      Courses: All 1000 level and some 2000 level physics courses.
      •      Experience:  Private tutor for 10 years, Teaching Assistant at multiple levels for 8 years.
      •      Email:
      •      Phone:  (330) 572-9657
      •      Rate:  Contact for rates.
      •      Availability:  Currently accepting students. Flexible schedule.


      Ravi Wickramathilake

      •   Courses:  All 1000 level physics courses.
      •   Experience:  TA in physics for 3+ years.
      •   Email:
      •   Phone: (860) 990-7772
      •   Rate:  Contact for rates.
      •   Availability:  Currently accepting students.