Private Tutors

  The Q Center keeps the following short list of private tutors in Math, Physics Chemistry & Statistics.  Students may also contact the individual departments.

Disclaimer This list of private tutors is maintained by the Q Center in cooperation with other units at UConn as a service for students. We make no recommendations, nor do we screen private tutors in any way. Neither the Q Center nor the University accepts responsibility for any problems that might arise between private tutors and their students.


Kevin Grassie

  • Courses: MATH: 1131, 1132, 2110, 2130, 2210, 2410, 2420, 3370 (some topics), 3410, 3435; bonus topics include: vector calculus and integral theorems, tensor calculus, vector and function spaces (e.g. Hilbert space), Fourier series, Fourier transforms, Fourier analysis, Laplace transforms, coordinate transformations and rotations, power series solutions to ordinary differential equations

    PHYS: 1201, 1202, 1401, 1402, 1501, 1502, 1600, 1601, 1602, 2300 (most topics), 3101 (most topics), 3201, 3202, 3401, 4730 (first half); bonus topics include: introductory quantum mechanics, special relativity, general relativity

    Topics in Engineering Courses: BME 3600, 4600; CE 2110, 2120; ME 3130, 3230

  • Experience and Education: Math and Physics tutor at the Q Center for 7 years. Experience with in-person, online, one-on-one, and group tutoring.

    B.S. Biomedical Engineering (UConn, 2017)

    B.S. Engineering Physics: Materials Science & Engineering (UConn, 2018)

    Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering (current)

  •          Email:
  •         Phone:  (908) 328-7729
  •  Rate: Varies by course/topic, contact for rates
  • Availability:  Currently accepting students. Variable yet flexible schedule. Online tutoring is preferred, though in-person tutoring can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.


JJ Intano

  •       Courses:  Chemistry – All general and organic courses.
  •       Experience:  Former faculty member from the University of the Philippines for 3.5 years teaching general and organic chemistry courses.  Private chemistry tutor at UConn for 3 years.
  •       Email:
  •       Phone:  (860) 593-6254
  •       Rate:  Varies, contact for rates.
  •       Availability:  Currently accepting students.


 Maria Gageonea

  •     Courses: High school and 1000 college level classes ( Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus).
  •     Experience: Worked as a teacher for all above-mentioned courses for UConn Math Department for many years; Current Adjunct Instructor; private tutor for three years.
  •     Email:
  •     Rate: Contact for rates.
  •    Availability: Currently accepting students.


    Rasika Dahanayake

    •      Courses: All 1000 level and some 2000 level physics courses.
    •      Experience:  Private tutor for 10 years, Teaching Assistant at multiple levels for 8 years.
    •      Email:
    •      Phone:  (330) 572-9657
    •      Rate:  Contact for rates.
    •      Availability:  Currently accepting students. Flexible schedule.


    Ravi Wickramathilake

    •   Courses:  All 1000 level physics courses.
    •   Experience:  TA in physics for 3+ years.
    •   Email:
    •   Phone: (860) 990-7772
    •   Rate:  Contact for rates.
    •   Availability:  Currently accepting students.