Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?
No. Stop by during tutoring hours.  We are located on level 3 of the Homer Babbidge library.


Which courses do you help with? 
In principle, we offer support with all of the fundamental Q courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Statistics.  For a more precise answer you can check the list of supported Q courses.


Does the Q Center offer one-on-one tutoring? 
We cannot guarantee that you will receive one-on-one tutoring. We always have several tutors and supervising GAs on duty when the Q Center is open. The volume of students who come in for help will determine if tutoring happens in a small group, or if you can work with a tutor individually.


I really need one-on-one tutoring, and can’t always get it at the Q Center. Are there any other options?
You may want to check out the list of private tutors that we maintain as a service (without recommendations) or check with the department offering the course.


Do you have exam review sessions?
We schedule exam reviews during the semester in conjunction with the course coordinators or as needed. There are always exam reviews prior to final exams for the major lower level Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics courses.


I haven’t been to class in a while… Can someone review a chapter or two that I missed?
Q Center tutoring is meant to support in-class learning and instruction. We do not have the staff or resources to teach material that you missed because you were not in class.


Will my instructor know I was here?
We keep non-specific attendance records for our, and University, records. Information about attendees is never shared.


Do you keep previous exams from Q courses on file?
No, we do not. Many instructors will give their own practice exams, and we can help you with problems from those practice exams or your text.


Is it possible to do my homework in the Q Center if I don’t need help, or don’t need much help? 
The Q Center area is reserved for those students with specific questions. There are many areas available at the library to work on your homework, adjacent to the Q Center.  We encourage students to work in those areas so if you do have a question you can walk to the Q Center right away.


Is there a time limit at the Q Center?   Visits to the Q Center should be limited to two hours.  This allows us to help as many students as possible throughout the day.


What should I bring to the Q Center for tutoring? 
Students should bring their text books, class notes, and calculators. Tutors may need to refer to texts and notes since so many courses are serviced by our staff.


Do I need to make an appointment with the tutors?
Tutoring is on a drop-in basis; no appointments are necessary. You can also check out our tutoring schedule.


I study with friends and we sometimes get stuck. How could the Q Center help us all? 
The whole group is welcome to come in together and get any questions answered by the staff.


I am interested in participating in a study group. How can I find one?
If you let one of the staff know, we can contact the instructor and pass a sign-up sheet around the class, or talk to other students in the class who are already using the Q Center to help create the group.