Summer Online Tutoring

Q Center Help Online

The Q Center is offering online tutoring help during the summer of 2019 for UConn students registered in Q Courses during one of the summer sessions from June 3rd through August 15th, Monday to Thursday from 1-5 pm.

Please Note: online tutoring is only available on a limited basis, and there may be a waiting time until we can help you.

In order to contact our tutors online please follow the following instructions:

  1. You need to send an email message to, from your UConn gmail account (email messages from non-UConn gmail addresses may be disregarded, as we need to verify you are affiliated with UConn).
  2. Please include in the subject of your message the Q course you are registered for.
  3. When we receive your email message, our GA at the Q Center will invite you to start a “Hangout” (chat). Please allow Gmail to begin a chatting session with uconnqcenter.
  4. The GA at the Q Center will let you know the waiting time until a Q Center tutor can join the conversation, and help you with your questions.
  5. Once the tutor is available, we will begin the tutoring session. It is best if we can communicate via video-conference, so please try to communicate through a computer with a webcam. Alternatively, for math sessions we might ask you to join a chat room at
  6. You may be asked to fill out a customer satisfaction survey at the end of your session.

Note: If the connection is unstable on your end, we might have to end the tutoring session and ask you to find a better internet connection.